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The scene opens with Julia De Lucia introducing herself. She is 29 years old from Romania but have been living in Spain for 10 years. She has seven years in the porn industry and does almost everything. She mentions that she has never tried submission stuff in real life but she is willing to try.

Julia is now surrounded with clowns. She wears a hot pink fishnet tights with a pair of black stilettos. The crowd cheers her on as they begin. A half-naked tattooed clown makes her kneel on the floor as he ties a rope around her wrists and her big tits. He then rips off her outfit exposing her boobs and placing clothing pins on her nipples. Balloons keep popping as he tied her.

The next scene cuts into Julia already deepthroating someones big cock. She keeps sucking while another ties more rope around her body. A man then fucks her mouth hard, she almost chokes as he forces his full-length cock inside her mouth.

A few moments later, Julia hops on top of another man, gently thrusting his big hard dick inside her wet and tight pussy. She humps him hard in the reverse cowgirl position as the other people in the venue begin writing stuff on her body using a red chalk. Some of the written words are fuck and whore. The man under her is now fucking her like crazy as another slaps her with a flogger.

Julia keeps riding the guys cock as a clothing pin is placed on her clit. She is turned on that her face looks like she is about to orgasm anytime. The tattooed guy stops before she can even cum. She now lies on a coffee table as another guy fucks her in the missionary position.

Julia De Lucia is now handcuffed on a tattoo chair as someone feeds her cake. The cake is suddenly spread all over her face and body. She looked happy after everything is over.
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