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I love shitting I love the smell of shit I love shit. But I love toilet slaves even more. Teach them training educate for themselves. Training can take place at different but the result is one all become my living toilets my toilet bowls. Its so fun so nice to see how a slave becomes submissive first to see his confusion fear and then gradually inflames interest and loyalty and finally the desire passion to eat my shit. See my dear fans enjoy the different ways of becoming living toilets.
1.Big shit for Breakfast
Good morning slave. You were up all night waiting for your Breakfast. So crawl to me get it. Catch my piss. Drink my Golden nectar lick my ass. Thats where you belong. Ill spread my withers stick your tongue in my dirty ass. I shitting right in your mouth. Better lick my ass. Im cumming.
I took such a good shit. See how big my poop is For you. Lick and eat. Now lick the shit off my leg. Im gonna put shit on my feet and youre gonna lick it off.
I want you to eat my shit for Breakfast every morning.
2.Good morning toilet slave do your duty
Good morning my toilet. How i want to sleep. But more you want to the toilet. Come on my potty come here Im gonna shit and piss in you. Open your mouth hold tight to my pussy and swallow. All drunk? Now get ready. I want to shit. Eat it swallow it all. How nice to relieve myself in the morning in the mouth of a slave. And dont forget to lick there all clean. Its your job to wipe me ass your tongue be my toilet paper and toilet bowl. Well done and now go to your place
3.Gourmet breakfast for shiteaters strawberry with shit
Oh how much I want to shit. Today my dear shit eaters I have prepared for You a special dessert for Breakfast strawberries with shit. How much I shitting. Now its Your shit and youre gonna eat it. Ill dip every berry in shit and feed it one by one. Bon appetit my shit-eaters.
4.Training program for new toilet slaves
Good afternoon my shit eaters. Ive developed a training program specifically for you. If you want to get to me youre gonna have to learn how to eat my shit. And I shit a lot look. Lick your dirty ass quick To clean my toilet on which i sit is a great honour for you. Day after day youll eat my shit eat it and no other food .Shitting in your warm mouth is such fun. Open wide your mouth My slave-I come to you
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