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Simony makes it easy for us this morning. She and her boyfriend are sitting on a park bench and when we approach them about our free massage promotion she_s extremely interested right away. However the boyfriend is defensive and won_t let his girlfriend come into the truck. We head back into the truck to absorb the bad news and we watch as the couple gets into a small argument and she finally wins him over with lots of kissing and hugging. She_s soon knocking on the door to the truck to take advantage of our offer.

We walk her through what we_re expecting from her as well as introducing her to our crewmember who_s acting as a massage therapist today. We hand her a towel and we ask her to remove her clothing to get ready for the massage. We agree to turn around and give her privacy but we certainly don_t want you to miss any of the action The camera is placed on the ground to capture every second as she strips off her skintight jeans and the rest of her clothing. Enjoy watching as this vocal brunette comfortably strips until she_s entirely naked in our truck.

Ready for her massage she_s asked to lie face-down on our massage bed and our crewmember starts right to work with her legs. Watch as this lovely brunette begins to relax underneath his touch - even as she finds it entertaining to try to capture the attention of people from outside. Our camera captures as our crewmember continues to massage her lower half and Simony has a lovely ass and thighs that you_re going to love Our newest model is vocal and even as our crewmember moves up to her upper body she_s moaning and showing us exactly how much she_s enjoying his hands massaging her body.

His hands slowly begin to wander a bit more towards her erogenous zones and after a bit of convincing Simony_s thong panties are removed from her body - leaving her entirely exposed on our bed. Soon the brunette has stopped worrying about where he_s touching and she lies back to enjoy all of the pleasure our crewmember wants to give her. Watch as he buries his face into her ass and pussy while her boyfriend begins to knock on the truck_s windows in impatience. This causes her to flip over onto her back and she exposes her wet pussy and large breasts just for our camera and crewmember. Watch as our crewmember now uses his hands to massage her breasts and pussy while she lays back and enjoys all of it.

Clearly adventurous Simony agrees to sit on his face and you_ll get to watch as he strokes himself off while licking off this beautiful brunette. Her thick ass almost entirely covers his face and she clearly enjoys riding his tongue while she reaches back to replace his own stroking hand. With such a expressive woman our crewmember is soon begging for her to suck his cock and she flips around for a 69 position on the bed - all while we can watch the boyfriend_s frustration on the park bench right outside the truck Enjoy as she slips his cock all the way down her throat while he pleasures her at the same time. Her talented mouth soon turns into a cock between her breasts and our crewmember uses the massage oil to slide himself between her thick tits.

After so much passionate foreplay this couple wants to truly enjoy each others_ bodies and our crewmember lays her onto the bed to slide his length into her. Simony knows how to get her own pleasure and she touches her own clit as he slides his cock in her again and again. Listen to the truck shake as he fucks her hard enough to move the bed into the walls of the truck - there_s no way the boyfriend doesn_t know what_s going on now After getting fucked that way she wants to be in control and she gets on top to ride his length. Watch that thick ass bounce as she impales herself over and over.

Still wanting to be in control Simony gets off his cock and slips it into her mouth to taste herself. As the truck steams up from the hot sex around them she jerks and sucks his cock until he shoots his load all over her face.
Simony Diamond
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