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Our day was definitely looking up after we caught up with this blonde-hair beauty walking along the city streets. Once we let her know that we had a paying modeling job available she was open to discussing more of the details inside of our truck - even choosing to come with us to our truck instead of going shopping.

Once we get her into the truck it_s clear that this Hungarian woman is very comfortable in front of the camera - even though she_s never modeled Slender and blonde this gorgeous woman looks amazingly sexy in all of the positions we put her in - even while fully clothed With our charismatic crewmember leading the shoot we quickly make her feel comfortable - and once we do all the clothes start coming off just for you So flirty and personable Christen seems to love the attention that our crewmembers are giving her as she shows off exactly how flexible she can be.

We offer her even more money and she soon is sliding her own hand between her legs to prove that she can do all types of modeling for us. With another cash payment she_s quick to allow one of our crewmembers to slide his tongue between her folds. Watch this gorgeous blonde touch her own pussy and rub her own panties against her clit. Even she can_t always stay focused on the task at hand as she occasionally looks around at the strangers strolling around just a few feet outside of where her naked body is laying. Such an arousing thrill

After such an erotic show our crewmember is having trouble keeping his hands off of this beauty. When he lays down next to her it isn_t long before she_s taking control as she negotiates exactly how much more cash she wants if he wants her to touch him. After he opens his wallet she_s quick to unzip his pants and stroke his length through his thin underwear. With devoted attention she finds herself wanting more and soon his underwear is pulled down to slip his cock deep into her throat.

It isn_t long before he wants to go deeper and after face-fucking her perfect mouth he wants even more. Shoving her slender leg into the air he slides his cock deep into her and they fuck right on top of the pile of cash that he_s paid her to model for him. The commotion attracts the attention of a nearby tourist and the two have to stop and laugh as the tourist takes photos of the truck they_re fucking in - only a couple feet away from all of the action. If the truck was see-through he_d be taking up-close nude photos of our newest model Clearly turned on from all of the attention this beautiful woman enjoys as the two of them fuck in various positions - including on the bed with her on top and on the floor where she takes it from behind. Her hot body and breathy moans are finally too much for him as he pulls out and shoots a huge load all over Christen_s back.
Christen Courtney
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