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Luscious Kacy Lane needs to get going in the morning after a fun night with her man Van Wylde. Although she starts off with the best of intentions as she puts her clothes on over her lacy bra and sheer thong, Van soon coaxes her back into bed for one more round of fun.
When Van_s hands start wandering, Kacy lets it happen. Her shirt and bra are the first to go, revealing her sensitive small boobs so that he can caress them and pinch her hard puffy nipples. Next his hands roam down between Kacy_s legs, rubbing her bald pussy through her jeans and thong and quickly coaxing her out of her remaining clothes.
Getting down on his knees, Van eagerly buries his face in his lover_s shaved twat and goes to town licking her needy fuck hole. His soft sweeping tongue quickly gets Kacy moaning her pleasure, which just drives her man to put even more effort into it.
Kacy is eager to take her turn next, pulling Van_s hard dick out of his boxer briefs so that she can use her warm wet mouth and her small hands to deliver a long leisurely blowjob. She takes plenty of time to suck and swallow as she brings her beau to rock hard attention.
When she deems him hard enough, Kacy crawls up her guy_s body and climbs aboard, impaling herself on his cock and then immediately starting a hip-thrusting pussy ride that gets her bouncing away in no time. Kacy can_t get enough of riding Van, gasping and moaning her ecstasy as she works herself towards a pleasurable release.
After enjoying having his woman take charge, Van decides that it_s his turn to set the pace. Flipping Kacy over onto her back, he helps her spread her legs wide to open herself for his big cock. After a few experimental thrusts, Van sets a breakneck pace. Once he turns Kacy onto her belly for a proper pussy pounding, he quickly brings her to a pulsing climax.
Seconds later, Van can no longer hold back his own pleasure. Kacy knows just what to do; springing up onto her knees, she opens her mouth to take her beau_s sticky load between her lips, then takes her time licking the last drops from his cock and rubbing his jizz into her skin.
Kacy Lane, Van Wylde
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