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After enjoying a nice walk outside, Alyssa Reece and Mia Michele take things back into their apartment to have a bit of girl on girl fun.
Their scant clothes go flying amidst a flurry of kisses and tender nips as they seek out each other_s horny breasts and rock hard nipples.
Mia is the first to take things a step further, kissing her way down Alyssa_s body and settling between her lover_s legs so that she can use her eager lips and tongue to drive the brunette babe wild! Alyssa_s landing strip pussy grows instantly wet and creamy with her dripping juices as her lover drives her ever closer to a long pulsing orgasm.
Wishing to give Mia a climax of her own, Alyssa presses her woman against the wall and then gets down on her knees to lick and bite at her lover_s luscious ass. When she finally gets Mia_s panties off, her mouth eagerly seeks out the hard nub of her clitoris until the raven-haired babe is shivering with the power of her climax.
These two beauties aren_t done yet, though. Now that they_ve taken the edge off they can take their time and have some real fun. Mia starts things off by sweeping her tongue up her delectable pussy. Finding her lover_s warm sheath dripping and open, she uses her magic fingers and tongue to send her woman over the edge a second time.
Alyssa takes things a step further, making love with her mouth to Mia_s tight puckered anus before returning her attention to her woman_s drenched cum hungry pussy. After wetting down Mia_s bald snatch, Alyssa drives two stiff fingers deep into her lover_s sheath and finger fucks her to completion.
Looking to give her woman one more climax, Mia sets a fast and furious pace driving her fingers in and out of Alyssa_s needy twat. She gets almost instant satisfaction as her lover falls apart in her arms.
Alyssa can do no less for her woman, so she latches her mouth on to Mia_s delectable snatch for a third time and kicks off a fast and furious pussy eating that leaves Mia_s back arching in ecstasy as her whole body pulses with the power of her third climax.
Alyssa Reece, Mia Michele
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